Tee Time for Autism

An organization dedicated to directly meeting the varied needs of individuals affected by autism spectrum disorders and to raising funds for family support, research, education, and autism awareness.

The CJ Torres Family Assistance Grant


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CJ Torres is the inspiration for Tee Time for Autism. His diagnosis and his family’s subsequent efforts to do all they can for him have moved us to help other people on the autism spectrum.
Since 2013, over 100 grants have been awarded to help children in the greater Houston area. April is World Autism Awareness Month and we are pleased to accept applications for the CJ Torres Family Assistance Grant from April 2- April 30! Click below to apply for the 2019 CJ Torres Family Assistance Grant. Please email teetimeforautism@gmail.com with any questions.

CJ Torres Family Assistance Grant Application

*All supporting documentation can be emailed to teetimeforautism@gmail.com *

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