Tee Time for Autism

A non-profit organization directly benefiting Houston area families and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

About Us


Tee Time for Autism began in 2010 in order to raise funds in support of those with Autism and to directly meet the needs of individuals with autism in the greater Houston area. In 2011, we invited a speaker to share her personal experience with autism, expanding our effort to raise awareness of autism. In 2012, we began efforts to form an individual non-profit organization in order to focus financial support locally in addition to continuing support of established charities that share in our mission of meeting the needs of those with autism. In 2014, we completed the process of becoming a non-profit organization of our own, committed to providing for those with autism spectrum disorders in the greater Houston area. This year, we continue to invite speakers to our tournament and participate in community engagement. Over the past eight summers, we gave away the proceeds of the golf tournaments which raised over $200,000. We have funded grants for over 100 children. These grants have helped home those without one, feed those in need, provided medication, iPads, swimming safety, summer camp, and fulfilled countless other needs for those with autism.  Please help us and those with autism by spreading the word about Tee Time for Autism.